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Bamboo Rafting + Elephant Trekking + Jungle Walk at Khao Sok.

Buggy AdventureSok Mountain or Khao Sok is the most completed nature Safari in Asia. To see the beautiful nature life of this Biggest National Nature Park can be done by many ways. But the best ways are

  • Going into the thick safari by Elephant Trekking
  • Going into this Forest by “Bamboo Rafting on the Nature fresh River
  • Going into this Jungle to see the wild life by Walk.

PhuketSafari-Discovery sets this One Day tour Package to let you can do all the above activities.

Before submit the booking, we recommend you read whole itinerary of the tour and see the highlight pictures in the Programs.

Bamboo Rafting is a classic styles for nature sight-seeing both sides of Sok River, many safari life you can see. (Save in The Raft and look after by our Tour guide)

Elephant is only one animal which can take you into the thickness center of the Safari. The route into Sok Mountain Safari should be the best safari route of Elephant trekking.

Closer touch the real safari life by jungle walk is the top dream of every safari discoverers.

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